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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Internet Marketing Tools: We Build Pages

  1. Header Checker Tool
    This tool will check any web page’s header tags. Use our header checker to find any page’s status code to ensure that your URLs are returning the appropriate status codes and re-directs are working properly. A surprising number of indexing and ranking problems come from erroneous re-directs, so it’s crucial to be sure all of the HTTP status codes are correct.
  2. Search Combination Tool
    This tool will generate all possible combinations of two separate lists of search phrases. Find new ways to promote your website and reach your audience, when you broaden your keyword horizons. Use these phrases to modify and create new content, as well as to optimize title tags, URL’s and internal linking structure. For a new insight into your keyword prospects generate some new combinations to kick start the brainstorming process.
  3. Keyword Density Analysis Tool
    Enter in a page URL and this tool will tell you the keyword density of all the phrases on the page. Find out how strong of a keyword message your content is sending with the Keyword Density Analysis Tool. Get hard numbers on your content ratios to find out if you need more or have too much. Use this tool to ensure a solid balance of keywords within your content, and to match the right keywords to the right pages.
  4. Spider Viewer
    See your site how the spider sees it. This one stop glimpse of your site’s most basic information can give you insight into minor adjustments which can have a major impact. Use this tool to evaluate your internal links, meta information and page content. By using precision in regards to these elements you can structure your site to reach its maximum potential.

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